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The Resources

We offer free, well-researched materials, videos, workshops and webinars.   You’ll learn how the same steps that help a 78 year old grandmother can also  help her 47 year old daughter and 17 year old grand daughter, so you can encourage three generations to help each othera

Also, please download our free booklet – Less Stress, Better Health and More Love to help you get the most from our  workshops, webinars and this website    We encourage you to explore:

  •  four Satisfaction Satisfaction skills that encourage the whole “caring team (i.e., friends, family, professionals, volunteers and aides) to care for each other AND reduce their stress. 
  • Learning Plan  that encourage collaboration between you, the professionals who help you, and the rest of your caring team (e.g., friends, family, aides, volunteers)
  • a Planning Poem to make sure you get ALL the help you need.
  • Almost Awakened, A Novel of Friendship and Forgiveness  Read this novel about two women whose friendship began just before Martin Luther King was assassinated and ended on 9/11 to deepen your reflections on the themes taught in our workshops.


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