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The Plea for Forgiveness

This Bile, displaying Christ’s “turn the other cheek” message of forgiveness, was found in the rubble of the Twin Towers after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. (See below for a close up picture.)


A Bible, open to a plea for forgiveness, was found fused to molten metal in the rubble of the Twin Towers. It is on display at the September 11th Memorial Museum and was shown to Pope Francis during his September 2015 visit.

The Friendship Trilogy offers two related mysteries:

Why would Donna have been at the World Trade Center?

  • Donna had been expelled from her ministry on September 10th in Yonkers, thirty miles north of Manhattan.  She had planned to take an early train the next morning to visit Susan in Buffalo.  But could she have been lured to the World Trade Center by Malik, an American al-Qaeda member who had pledged to avenge the honor of his family?

Is forgiveness relevant in the age of terrorism?

  • Could ‘turn the other cheek’ simply mean using mindfulnes, meditation or music to let go of the fear and anger that cause parital or ‘sticky vision’?   As my characters learn on a Bahamian beach and in a Buffalo drug abuse center, strong feelings unconsciously fasten our focus on just some facts while blinding us to the ‘total vision’ we need for good decision making and win-win solutions.
  • My characters (and I) agree that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you fail to protect yourself or seek justice… but it does mean that you avoid making a bad situation worse by making a bad decision because you only see the bad in yourself or others.

9-11-Bible close up

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