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PRESS RELEASE: A Path from Hate to Hope

The 9/11 Bible is on display at the September 11th Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center.

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From Hate to Hope launches on 9-11 Anniversary

Love, Hate and Hope, a novel about friendship and healing in the age of terrorism, will be launched on the fifteen anniversary of September 11th, 2001.  To accompany the novel, a free online magazine will offer in-depth reporting on social, psychological and spiritual strategies to increase love and diminish hate. Reader submissions will be encouraged.  To learn more, visit:

Like the DaVinci Code, the novel speculates on the meaning of a real religious icon, a Bible with a plea for forgiveness that was found in the rubble of the Twin Towers.and is now on display at the September 11th Memorial Museum.

Love, Hate and Hope is a fast-paced story about finding love, reducing hate and creating hope in the age of terrorism. The story begins with the murder of Martin Luther King and ends after the attack on the Twin Towers, when a shocking clue about the disappearance of an ex-minister is found in the rubble.

Discussion questions, historical notes and in-depth articles are provided through the related website and a new online magazine.  Readers are invited to create a path from hate to hope by sharing their stories and suggestions through the magazine’s social media platform.  Advance sales are available beginning September 1st on  For more information, please visit

Presales, and Kickstarter rewards that include copies of the novel, as well as online and community discussions with the author are available at until September 30th.


The novel solves a mystery:  Did the 9/11 Bible –  found open to Christ’s message of forgiveness in the rubble of the Twin Towers – belong to Donna, the ex-minister?  She had recently been defrocked for choosing to follow the Golden Rule instead of church rules.

Love, Hate and Hope is the story of three folksingers who mature as a teacher, a counselor and a minister who is openly gay, despite the teachings of her church. As they struggle with conflicts, they react to the spiritual leaders of the past fifty years including Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Jerry Fallwell, Ram Dass, Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, plus the advice offered by Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Love, Hate and Hope is authored by Dr. Tom DeLoughry, whose career has bridged the silos of psychology, medicine and spirituality in settings that include a storefront counseling center; child psychiatry in a children’s hospital; wellness and disease management in a managed care organization; and a Franciscan retreat center.   His work has been recognized by a number of national honors, including AARP’S Social Impact Award for creating a “simple mind-body-spirit program for people of any faith, or no faith.”

“Religion helps when it teaches the Golden Rule, a message of love held in common by people of most faiths. Religion harms, and sometimes kills, when it judges and condemns,” says Dr. DeLoughry. “Forgiveness heals by restoring love, or a sense of connectedness.  It harms when it isn’t balanced by justice, assertiveness or strength.”

A follow-up project, Waiting ‘Till Spring, a novel and an online magazine about depression and aging, will be launched on March 20, 2017.  For further information, please contact: Dr Tom DeLoughry, 716-909-9612, .

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