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DISCUSSION: Does religion cause or cure problems?

Religion has helped me much more than it  hurt me, but the hurt was crippling.  What about you?

My own story, which is told through the eyes of Ed in Dangerous Medicine,  is that I grew up a guilty Catholic kid who turned to Eastern faiths; and then spent a third of my life as a “spiritual independent” before becoming a Methodist whose spirituality is enhanced by Buddhism.  I’ve learned that (as a Bahamian woman explains to Donna and Susan in the third chapter) “All religions are fingers that point to God. But it’s important to keep worshiping God, and not what point to Him  …or Her.”

Whether yours is a horror story or a success story, please share your thoughts so we can learn from each other.  Tom_kitchen-180

If you’d like to help shape the stories of the Dangerous Medicine crew – Donna, Susan, David and Ed (a thinly disguised version of me) – please join my mailing list.

I’ll send you the first nine chapters  (Part one) and the Discussion Guide so you can enjoy it – and make suggestions to improve it – before my final edits and publication in September.

Thank you!!


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